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Updated: March29,2014          
In Memory of Leona Friesen
Leona Friesen (November 16,1932- June 17, 2013) was an integral part of New Hope for many years. As the   mother of Grace Wulff, our founder, she supported this organization in many ways: as a board member, volunteer, and donor. She was known for her creative touches in preparing meals, decorating for events, and preparing gift bags for retreats.Leona touched countless lives and has always been known for her kind and gentle soul. She lived a life full of love and care, always with family in her heart. She will forever be missed, never forgotten and always loved.
New Hope is an organization committed to encouraging and helping those who have lost a spouse to death. It is our belief that those who have walked the journey of grief are able to understand and care in a special way for those who are new to grief.

We would like to walk beside you as you take the 'next step' in your grief journey. Grieving is hard work, but it is also a very natural and normal process.

Just as you are a very special and unique individual,you will express your grief in a unique and personal way. New Hope exists to support you in understanding the journey, and taking care of yourself as you choose healthy responses to your deep loss.

At New Hope you'll meet others who understand the pain of mourning the death of a spouse, and you will know that you are not alone.

Contact us today to let us know how we can support you.






For a free sample copy of the newsletter, published every other month, or more information on our annual retreat, please send your name and complete mailing address to:

New Hope, People Place,
#004, 3402 - 27th Ave. Vernon, BC

or e-mail us at new-hope@telus.net

"A Journey of Hope", authored by Grace Wulff (New Hope founder), is now available, $2.00 of each book sold goes back to help New Hope.

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